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Nice Things Clients Say

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“From the moment I entered Amanda's space for my therapeutic yoni massage, I felt profoundly safe and cared for. 

Amanda's presence during the session was palpable. She was entirely focused on my experience and needs, demonstrating so much attentiveness and compassion for my process. This made such a difference, helping me to feel not just seen, but deeply understood and respected, and safe enough to truly feel what needed to be felt and released. Amanda's professionalism and warmth also ensured that I felt comfortable to really express myself without any fear of judgment.

Amanda's touch was also incredibly soothing and I could tell that she could understand my body and its cues which helped me to feel very comfortable and safe with such a vulnerable practice.


Amanda was also trauma-informed through each and every step of the massage, always checking in with me and establishing consent. This helped me in real time to be able to feel what it actually means to feel safe in my body with touch, and to both feel and voice my yes and my no. Amanda's nurturing touch and guidance also helped me to connect to different parts of my yoni and to map out how each area feels, and which areas need more touch and attention.
I cannot recommend Amanda highly enough to anyone seeking this practice. Thank you, Amanda, for such a beautiful experience

Kiki (Therapeutic yoni massage)

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“I had my first yoni massage by a practitioner yesterday. I have learnt about yoni massages with my courses as a somatic sex coach. I have started to explore self yoni massages, which is such a delicious practice to connect with oneself on a much deeper level.


When you self massage, you are the receiver and the giver at the same time. Receiving a yoni massage by a practitioner is 100% receiving. I needed to let go and open myself up to receive fully.


This sounds easier said than done sometimes (if you struggle with receiving, I hear you). Amanda Jade held such a beautiful safe space for me to let go & open myself up to receive. This practice happened at the right time for me. I left a lot of emotions afterwards.


Mostly, a feeling of relief and being endlessly proud of myself. It’s taken me years to get to this place of feeling so much more pleasure, self love & being able to open myself up to receive. It’s so good to know that all the work, practices and commitment to myself are working.


I can highly recommend Amanda Jade if this practice interests you.”

Patricia (Therapeutic yoni massage).

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“My whole experience with Amanda, from the very start of connecting with her to arrange my massage, and at every point thereafter, has been an absolute pleasure. 

   She is so very warm, genuine, and personable and perfect for this line of work. 

   I felt at ease as soon as we had our first connection phone call.

I can truly feel how passionate she is about offering these experiences to women and that made the session with her all the more special.


   She has such a welcoming and very intentional cocoon-feel home space, I felt very held and relaxed in there.

   Her communication is faultless, she clearly ran me through every step of what our session was to entail, twice before - and then during too, every step of the way.

   She was so encouraging with expressing consent & boundaries and feeling into my body's no or FULL yes' it was really beautiful to receive a space to do so and not feel rushed in the slightest. 

   This in itself was very healing for me.


   She is a very safe space to share openly and vulnerably, and her presence was unwavering throughout the whole 3.5 hour experience.  This definitely helped me to fully relax and feel so surrendered into the experience of (only)       receiving, something my system is very much still learning to do.

 I was so relaxed I passed wind(!) and she was so great and not phased whatsoever by it, I immediately felt at ease and instantly forgot about it!


  I felt very seen, understood and honoured by Amanda. 

  My favourite part was at the very end of the massage.. As an integrational piece,  she reflected back to me some of my experience, some of the things I had shared with her in our chat before starting, and throughout also...

  It was truly such a beautiful gift to be witnessed and honoured through her words, presence and deep, heart-felt intention in that way - I felt such a sense of love and sisterhood in those moments. 

Thank you Amanda


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