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My name is Amanda, a Somatic Sex Coach & Therapeutic Yoni Massage Practitioner. My

mission is to hold a sanctuary for individuals and couples seeking a transformative journey

of self awareness, liberation, empowerment and deeper intimacy. I am committed to

creating a non-judgemental, safe space where you can explore and embrace every aspect of

yourself. Through playful, embodied practices, we'll embark on a voyage of self discovery,

fostering self appreciation, self acceptance and cultivating a profound sense of self love, self

confidence and self worth. My mission is to ignite your full potential for deeper intimacy

and pleasure, nurturing fulfilling connections with yourself and your partner/s. This is a

journey of transformation, authenticity and pleasure filled exploration. Uncover the layers

of intimacy, the uncharted territories where pleasure and connection intertwine. It's a

beautiful dance, and we're here to celebrate every step of the way.

Unlock the doors to your erotic and playful spirit and watch as it transforms your deepest

connections. This is where the journey begins.


Dive into the world of unhinibited exploration dedicated to your journey of self discovery and empowerment. Embark on the path to unlocking your true desires, embracing intimacy and forging deepest connections with yourself and with others.  


Explore sexuality, sensuality, and authentic expression.Whether you are just beginning your journey or seekingguidance to delve deeper into your inner most desires,am here to accompany you every step of the way.

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Complimentary 30 minute connection call.

1 on 1 sex coaching.

Couples sex coaching. 

Yoni Mapping Session.

Therapeutic Yoni Massage

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Therapeutic Yoni


Here I offer a healing modality known as therapeutic yoni

massage, a practice rooted in reverence and respect of the devine vulva owners. Through gentle touch, mindfulness and intention, therapeutic yoni massage aims to facilitate healing, release of tension, and reconnect you with the innate love, pleasure and wisdom that resides within your body.

I create a safe, nurturing space environment where you can shed away layers of sexual shame, break patterns and embark on a journey of self discovery and self love. I am aware and understand that reclaiming your relationship with your body and pleasure is a deeply personal and transformative process, and I am here to support you every step of the way.

I invite you to embrace love for your body and cultivate a

deeper understanding of your desires reclaiming your birthright to pleasure.

Therapeutic yoni massage offers a pathway to profound

transformation and empowerment.

“The energy felt so calm and I felt really safe. I am very excited for his journey. Thank you for this gift, it's very appreciate”

- Amber


- Unknown


- Unknown

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