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Amanda Jade
Somatic Sex Coach


International Somatic Sex Coach & Female Sexological Bodyworker

As a Somatic Sex Coach and Therapeutic Yoni Massage Practitioner, I am dedicated to guiding individuals on a transformative journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and healing. We believe in the power of somatic therapy and sacred touch to unlock the innate wisdom of the body, awaken pleasure, and cultivate deeper connections within ourselves and with others.

With a background in Somatic Sex Coaching and Therapeutic Yoni Massage, I am committed to creating a safe, non-judgmental, and nurturing space where clients can explore their sexuality, release emotional blockages, and experience profound transformation.

Somatic sex coaching and therapeutic yoni massage are holistic modalities that honor the mind-body connection and celebrate the divine essence of femininity.


Whether you seek to overcome past trauma, enhance pleasure, or simply reconnect with your sensual self, I am here to support you every step of the way.


Embark On The Journey Of Self Discovery & Pleasure

Dive into the world of uninhibited exploration dedicated to your journey of self discovery and empowerment. Embark on the path to unlocking your true desires, embracing intimacy and forging deep connections with yourself and with others.  


Explore sexuality, sensuality, and authentic expression.


Whether you are just beginning your journey or seeking guidance to delve deeper into your inner most desires, I am here to accompany you every step of the way.


Sexual energy is not just physical pleasure, it runs deeper. It is potent source or creative and life force energy. It fuels our deepest desires, ignites our creative passions, and infuses every aspect of our lives with vitality and purpose. It is a profound exchange of energy between two people. 

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I can help you with....

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Unlock the doors to your sensuality and sexuality and watch as it transforms your deepest connections.

This is where the journey begins.

“The energy felt so calm and I felt really safe. I am very excited for his journey.
Thank you for this gift, it's very appreciate”

- Amber (1:1 coaching client)

From the moment I entered Amanda's space for my therapeutic yoni massage, I felt profoundly safe and cared for. 

Amanda's presence during the session was palpable. She was entirely focused on my experience and needs, demonstrating so much attentiveness and compassion for my process. This made such a difference, helping me to feel not just seen, but deeply understood and respected, and safe enough to truly feel what needed to be felt and released. Amanda's professionalism and warmth also ensured that I felt comfortable to really express myself without any fear of judgment.

Amanda's touch was also incredibly soothing and I could tell that she could understand my body and its cues which helped me to feel very comfortable and safe with such a vulnerable practice. Amanda was also trauma-informed through each and every step of the massage, always checking in with me and establishing consent. This helped me in real time to be able to feel what it actually means to feel safe in my body with touch, and to both feel and voice my yes and my no. Amanda's nurturing touch and guidance also helped me to connect to different parts of my yoni and to map out how each area feels, and which areas need more touch and attention.
I cannot recommend Amanda highly enough to anyone seeking this practice. Thank you, Amanda, for such a beautiful experience.

- Kiki

Amanda is an incredible therapeutic yoni massage practitioner. Before my session with Amanda, I had a history of experiencing pelvic pain & have had difficulty trusting others to hold space for me, yet she made me feel so safe to open up during my session. 

Amanda was patient, so reassuring & her constant communication throughout the session allowed me to fully drop into my body. She helped guide me through some places of numbness & pain & I felt really safe to release emotion that helped me to shift those feelings so easily.


I felt really seen & taken care of during the entire session.


I would 10/10 recommend booking a session with Amanda - she will change your life!

- Liz

Nice Words From Past Clients....

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